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I am a genuine 32 year old openly sexual (pansexual) female. I say openly sexual rather than bisexual, as I like all people generally, not just those who identify as male or female. I like people based off who they are, not just their genitals, or chromosome configuration.

I'm kind of alternative-looking if there is such a thing, I have mellowed a little from the more punk look I have had, or maybe I'm just getting to lazy to apply that much black makeup and find my spiked collars all the time. I have shoulder length curly hair which at the moment is a bright red (not fire engine though). I have big blue eyes, full lips, pale skin, some freckles. Dress size 14, full natural bit-more-than-a-C cup bust. I am curvy and voluptuous, I have soft bits but on a fairly muscluar base, so they tend to sit nicely rather than hang which I think works pretty well.

I have several large coloured tattoos (almost no black), all of which are on my back and I have piercings in my navel, ears, eyebrow and lip ( face lip not the below waist ones). I wear simple piercing jewellery, and have suitable outfits which cover my tattoos so I can be taken out on the town with out attracting undue attention - unless of course your seeking that :)

I have experience in business and occupations across various sectors as well as university study. I have always been a high achieving student and enjoy having intelligent conversation on almost any topic. I have had a huge amount of life experience even in my short years as a young adult. I can easily relate to people of all ages and walks of life - I'm a been there, seen that, kind of person and very easy going. I can have a dry, sarcastic, smutty sense of humour but I am known to burst into girlish giggles to some of the simplest clean jokes. I am a bit quirky sometimes bordering on eccentric and I often spout off lines from movies in some sort of attempt at being comedic. I love live music and have travelled all over the country to see my favourite bands. I also love art (I paint and sculpt), dancing, computers, science fiction books, skydiving and reading chemistry and biology text books - I am a bit of a nerd. You can get to know me a bit more by reading back through my blog.

I am very open and honest, and have a tendency to be fairly blunt. I don't do secrets so you can ask me pretty much anything you like, but be warned I will answer it straight up and honestly - so don't ask anything you don't want to know - as I take no responsibility of your reaction to my answer. I am on msn (live messenger) quite often so you can always add me and have a chat to me there if my status is away, I may well not be at my computer or if I am I'm busy doing other stuff so probably will be a bit short on my replies if I answer so don't get offended. Any genuine queries however will be answered if I am at my computer but probably not the "Hey there", "Hi", "Sup", "you there?", nudges or any other standard and/or mundane greeting - I reply to all those type when my status is online - unless I have forgotten to change it after going to bed or something. When I am online be aware you are probably not the only person chatting to me, I often have around 20 conversations running at once, so you may not always get immediate replies as i work through all the pop ups, just be patient I will get to them!

I am generally available 24 hours 7 days a week. All bookings are by appointment with 24 hours minimum notice.

I enjoy the time i spend with my clients, I am not forced into this industry by any circumstances. I choose to spend time doing this, discovering new things about myself and exploring the many intimate possibilities.

Personally, whilst sex is the "central" part of a session, I don't find it is the most important. To me the connection with another person, conversations, contact and non verbal communication are all the more important. I believe in making experiences very personal and real not distant and purely physical as it is all the more fulfilling than just getting your rocks off by friction. I tend to spend much extra time just chatting with my clients beyond the set booking time, quite often it my clients who have to leave for some other appointment, or if its late at night I have to get kicked out so they can get some sleep for the next day of work.

I have a partner and I take very good care of my health. I am regularly tested and visually check clients for the protection of my health, my partner and my other clients.