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About me

Are you fully shaven?
Yes. I mostly rip it all out with a fancy little machine and shave the bits that are too sensitive. I use a silicon lotion so its as close as possible and nice and smooth.


Do you drink or smoke?  

Yes I drink, my favourites are Verve Clicquot Ponsardin (French champagne) and Brokenwood Cricketpitch (Red variety blend) or a Cointreau, Lime and Soda. I generally prefer red to white wine, and like reds that are a blend of at least 3 varieties, but not including shiraz - I'm not too keen on shiraz.

30/06/2013 - won't be drinking for the next while.

I have stopped smoking now, but I am fine if you wish to smoke around me. I still adore the smell of cigarette smoke.

I could possibly still entertain smoking fetishes for those that do require them however.


Are all pictures on the site you?  
Yes all the pictures are me. The dates are shown under each image. Not all images show piercings as they were more recent.


Why do you charge all your extras separately?  

I don't believe in charging someone $600+ per hour for a service that includes almost anything they want if they just want a nice standard interaction with me. Basically I have my standard rate and for anything else you only pay for what you want. If you combine fantasies I often just give a rounded price to make it simpler.

Also with a list with values if I decline to offer a service, then people cannot complain about paying for something they did not get.


You say you do this work as a hobby, can we just be f**k buddies?  
No, I'm a business woman as well as a nympho.



Are you ageless - when do you ever update your age?


On my birthday, when I do it will say so in the latest news.

Do you have any other pictures besides the ones on your site?



All my pictures are published here, in my blog, or on my Twitpic page of which there is a widget on the main gallery page. I do not provide any others on request - I will occasionally send some through message client but an up to date client is required, I won't g emailing them because you use some non compatible version if I am sending pictures at my leisure. I may do additional shoots in future at my discretion and publish them here. I may do shoots if requested by clients who do reviews of me.


How tall are you?  
5'2" without shoes, 5'6" with :)


Is everything on this website genuine?  
Yes it is. I build and maintain my own website, and I am very honest about myself and my services. I believe that by being honest about just how I am, people who choose to book me, book me just as I am, because they like how I seem - this way I get to meet people who I will get on better with and have more fun myself. I don't believe in misleading people it only leads to disappointment and frustration.


Wait! What! You did this whole site yourself?  
Yep, well for the most part. All the graphics are done from scratch in a 2D program. I got some help with the PHP stuff however.


What are your fetishes?  
I've decided to include this as I'm always asked, now this is by no means a requirement for your booking, as your booking is about you, and I do very much enjoy a whole bunch of things with different people, everyone has a different vibe. However (in no particular order), I like food sex (to the extreme - messy and slimy - not insertions though), men in suits (top hat and tails is best), belly buttons, men with their necks arched right back (watch out for this one however I get vicious), soft english accents, nerd factor, statisticians, other girls, orgies, wrestling (can be included with the girls and the messy fetish ideally), being told dirty stories along any of the above lines whilst I'm being masturbated and being kissed behind my ears so I get goosebumps.


What are you into?  

I'm into all sorts - primarily; computers, learning Welsh, art and live music. I like reading science texts and science fiction. I like discussing life philosophy, telling dirty jokes and just hanging about having a good chat.


Nah, what you into bedroomwise?  

See fetishes list 2 questions up.


What's your favourite position?  

This varies depending who I am with, different people fit together in different ways - what works for 1 wont work for another. That said, generally I like standing up doggie facing a mirror.


Why are you being so short with me or rude to me, or ignoring me?  

One of my pet peves is people who don't read, i.e. people who ask me questions already clearly answered on my website , I spend ages making and keeping this thing up to date - so when people ignore it - it shits me.

Alternatively, if you just sms me all the time with chatty messages not queries, I will either not answer or answer in a terse manner, if you call to follow up after about 10 sms in a short period of time, i'll probably not be that friendly on the phone.

If you message me with a Hi or similar when my status is away on msn, I probably won't answer, mainly because if the status is away I'm probably not there, if I see that message when I do come back online and you are offline - i tend to just close the window - if you make a genuine enquiry however I will answer that when I come back to online status even if you are offline.

If you sms or msn message me with illegible chat speak, crude messages or just animated emoticons or nudges I am likely to be rude back or just block you straight up.

If you call or sms me and I have your number saved in my phone with a little note about you being annoying before, or you call ID withheld and I recognise your voice - I may be nice to start but then change tone shortly after.

If you have been a no show, a price arguer or a repeat canceller - I probably won't consider any new enquiry genuine and wont be very helpful.

This may all seem not so nice, but generally I am the sort of person who calls a tool a tool and communicates with them with as much respect as they tend to show me. Basically if your a jerk - I will be a jerk to you. If you are reading this, you probably don't have to concern yourself greatly as you are unlikely to be in any of the above categories - unless I've already stopped replying to you!

Treat me with respect - and I'll do the same to you.


Why did you get into this industry/ what was it like when you first started?  
See the following blog entries for details

How did I get into the sex industry???

My First job.....

In and Out...


How can I contact you? I can't find any contact details.  
I have devised a little test to check if people are actually look at my site, before they call me. Contact details are on my rates page, in a green box. If people haven't actually looked at my site and scrolled down a bit on the rates page -I don't feel they should be calling me. This FAQ entry is like a second chance I guess. At least you are reading some of my site.


If I call you, do I actually get to speak with you personally or a receptionist or someone pretending to be you?  
I am the only person who answers my phone unless I am driving or similar then I will tell the person near me to answer and just tell the caller I am busy and for them to call back or I can call back when I can. Generally if its answered you are talking to me else you'll be told its not. If it's not answered it means I am not available - I am in the shower, in a booking, asleep, busy or not fast enough to find it in my handbag. Please leave me a message so I can call you back or send me an SMS i can reply to.


Do you have a boyfriend, does he know what you do? Can you not mention him because I want to have the fantasy that you are only ever with me?  
Actually I no longer have a boyfriend, he got converted into a husband, twice. We live together, he knows well what I do and is very supportive. I am very honest and don't hide things from him or anyone else. I am used to talking freely about my life and all those people in it, I am an open book. If you would like the exclusivity/monogamy role play please inform me when making a booking and I will refrain from speaking openly of my life.





Services,Service Length and Availability

Can i drop in and see you anytime?  
No, all services are strictly by appointment, at least 3-4 hours notice is required; but 24 hours notice or more is strongly preferred and you are more likely to get your preferred time. Sydney and Newcastle bookings require deposit unless I happen to already be there when you call a few hrs beforehand.


What are your available hours?  
I am generally available 24 hours per day 7 days a week with a suitable amount of notice.


Where are you located for Incalls?  
I am available for Incalls in Sydney CBD (surcharge applies) or on the Central Coast.


Do you do short stays?  
Generally no. 30 minutes is my mimimum booking length.


Could you give me the first time free?  
No. I don't do samples. I am a business woman, not a sexual charity.


I've seen you before and I think I was really good, do I still have to pay to see you?  

Yes, I am a business woman. If I ended up seeing everyone for free I'd be very sore and homeless...




If I see you and I promise you'll enjoy yourself and orgasm can I get a cheaper rate?  

Thank you for your concern but I don't have an orgasm shortage. I'm taken care of at home and by full fee paying clients. I don't offer a cash off if I cum scheme.

People who work in entertainment venues do not get their wages docked if they enjoy the show.

Would you bring along the extra cash and pay more if I think you are a totally dud root? I find arrogant, "up-yerself" and disrespectful attitudes a total turn off - you could be up for almost twice the rate it started at!

You probably just have sex with old guys all the time, I'm young how about you see me for free or cheap just for your own fun?  
I have a younger husband, some young friends and a fine selection of virile young men as regular paying clients - I'm not short on youthful action. That said older guys are usually better in bed because they have realised sex is not just about their penis. Young guys can be just as good with some good training. So I think I've got that all covered.



Can I get a discount?  

Yes! Prepaid and multipass discounts are outlined at the top of my rates page. Other available discounts will be outlined there, or in the promotions section of my website, you will see them on the first/main/home page. I will from time to time put discount coupons on the googles places/business listing or on various websites.

There is a new and to be longstanding promotion for a 5% discount if you speak some coherant Welsh to me. You can find details here.

The winner of my sporadically sent out newsletter quiz gets a 1/2 priced hour.

The published discounts in the various places are all that is currently on offer.


Do hearties get discounts?  
Nay matey they don't but if ye be joining me piratey crew as well as being a hearty I may consider it. 'til then fair winds to ye.


How much is it for just a blowjob no sex?  
I charge for my time not for limiting specifics within the time, unless you are after deluxe extras.


What is Spanish?  
For lack of a nicer expression, tit f**king.


What is "protected rimming" ?  
It is analingus, roseleafing or licking the anus using a latex dam for protection, I do not do this service unprotected.


Do you provide condoms and lube for the session?  
Yes, I provide all the things we will generally need in the session. Condoms, various lubes, oils, lotions, powder, chocolate body paint, tissues, toys etc....





Natural Services

Do you offer any natural (no condom) services?  

Only oral sex - giving or receiving. For me to give natural oral on men is an extra fantasy service - please see my service page. Natural oral receiving or giving to women is included in my standard rate.

30/07/20013 - Natural Oral will be currently unavailable in general due to a personal need to reduce my risk as much as possible. I may only consider it if you can produce recent STI screen results.


What is the difference between part and full natural french?  
Part natural, is oral sex without a condom for a short time and not until climax. Full natural is oral sex to climax - facial or swallow as you prefer. You can still have sex, but have to have condom on for penetration but can then pull out and finish orally if you opted for natural french extra.


Can i cum on your face?  
Yes you can if you choose to include the deluxe full natural french option.


Will you swallow?  
Yes I do, if you choose to include the deluxe full natural french option.


Can I cum in your hair?  
Yeh sure why not! It will wash out. I'd like to know if you'd like this when you make the booking so I make sure I have plenty of time before my next booking to fix my hair up again.


If I pay the extra for the Natural French with facial/swallow is that just the once in the session?  
The Natural French deluxe extra is a per session charge and is as many times and you want or can manage to climax in that fashion.



When servicing ladies do you use dams?  
No I don't. But I can if it is preferred.


Can I go down on you without dam?  
Yes, provided you don't have any coldsores.


Can we have sex without a condom if I don't cum in you?  
No, not under any likely circumstances. I won't even consider it for less than $1M, even then I'd probably still say no, unless you have an STI screen I put you in a cage for 6 months and test you again - then maybe.





Fantasies and Specialties

What fantasies do you do?  
Easier to say what i don't! I don't do animals (unless they are the blow up variety) or anything with children (unless you are into adult babies), you can't mark me besides perhaps a little pink from some light spanking, I won't receive brown showers, and I don't not unprotected penetration (vaginal or anal). Basically if its not a big health risk, wont hurt me or illegal its all good.


Do you do greek (anal) service for under $100?  
Nope. It is not something available on request - if I offer it there is no additional charge.


You used to have anal listed as an extra, but it is no longer listed, is it still available?  
Anal is not something I offer on demand or request really for that matter. I have been injured in the past by someone who was not all that large, but refused to stop when I said so because he was nearly finished. This resulted in me bleeding everytime I went to the bathroom for about the next six months.

I have since had some very sucessful pleasurable anal experiences with an ex-boyfriend who was of quite reasonable size. This was totally pain-free because he always took the time to tease and get me worked up for it, and his aim was to provide me pleasure, as he got off on causing others to get off.

So now I won't trust just anyone to do it, it is something that will be at my request - not that of others. If someone is prepared to take the time and get me in the mood teasing the right places in the right way, I may well say do you want to try anal - if they ask can I stick it in your arse now, as a query or with some expectation then my interest in it will likely immediately vanish. Do you want more in there? - would probably be a more suitable phrasing.

I am very limited to what size I can manage in the interest of not being damaged any further. Availability strongly depends on client size - absolutely must be thinner than a 20c piece as well as depending on my mood at the time. I am unlikely to offer it if I have not seen you a few times before. If anal is something you are totally set on I would highly reccomend my girlfriend Jayde as the anal expert. You could see her alone or she could join us.


Awwww, c'mon let me do anal, I really want your arse, I'll be gentle?  
Yeh, if you ask, or seem to set on it I am not going to be interested. You need to be doing anal penetration on me for my pleasure not yours.


So wait, I have you pay for your time while I am providing pleasure to you, teasing and whatever and including anal? Maybe you should be paying me for that time?  
Yeh, funny thing is by saying that - you clearly show you are the sort of person I will never feel comfortable offering anal to. Whilst I appreciate the notion of I am paying it is about me - as opposed to paying for an overall shared experience - this is not something that appeals to me to provide anymore than what you are paying for.

People who work in theatres/live music venues don't get the ticket price deducted from their wages, enjoying the show is a perk of the job. Some shows will be more something you tolerate rather than enjoy.


Do you do double penetration?  
Maybe, but its much the same answer as the previous questions.


Do you allow rimming or do rimming?  
I allow it, without extra charge but don't include kissing afterwards in the same service if it is done unprotected. If rimming I only do it protected - using a dam.


Do you deepthroat?  
Depends on the size of tool I'm working with - but I do my best!



wats the biggest cock u swalloed coz im huge  
Deepthroating is something that varies it's not just size - it's shape and if it's straight or bent or how easily it flexes, since unless adopting sword swallowing position there is a bit of a corner to get round. I don't make guarantees I can deepthroat -only that I try my best.

was talking inside u lol, how much u can u take inside  
Like I said it depends on overall shape and flexibility its not a set thing I can give a measurement for...or are you asking in the ideal situation with an item most suited to my match my own physical shape?

yes maam,like whats the biggest u have taken  
Any particular SI units you'd prefer such an estimate to be in? I must admit I am failing to see exactly what the nature of your questioning and disatisfaction of my responses does to determine my quality as a person who overall provides a pleasureable time. Hmm ideal situation about 2.48929013 × 10^-17 lightyears.

how big have u taken cock inside u was question lol

As i said about 2.48929013 × 10^-17 lightyears.


which is in inches  
Oh no I work in SI units, imperial measurements were phased out in Australia between 1970 and 1988.

Please note the above little section ( 5 questions) is taken from a chat one evening, It is an example of how I will respond if you keep asking innappropriate or general trivia questions and not in a respectful way. I do become a smart arse. This was not the first section of similar questions from this particular individual.


Do you have toys?  
Oh yes, quite a collection! Please let me know when booking what kind of items you require! I am always adding to my collection - I have trouble keeping enough batteries in the house though. I always bring 2 or 3 different sized vibrators, a blind fold and some other variety of adult knick knacks all of which are included in my standard service.


If I have my own toys can we use them?  
Yes, but all toys used on myself are to be covered with condoms for hygiene purposes.


Can I use the toys on you too?  
Yes, definitely if you are gentle and don't injure me!


I'm not familiar with sex toys will you guide me how to use them?  
Absolutely - I have more fun if you know what to do with them too!



Do you do fisting?  
I will give it, but I can't accommodate it as I don't have the room!


Can I take any photos or video?  

Recently I have changed policy on this. With any standard service 1-2 photos may be taken on your mobile phone camera. Additional photos or photos on a "proper camera" may attract a fee depending on content, sharing and usage.

Video is similar in that depedning on how much you want to record, what of, image quality usage and sharing it may attract a fee.

If you are a regular or otherwise special client it is likely I will probably include it without charge.


You mention food sex - what does it involve?  
Food sex is involving some culinary delights to the experience. Could be a simple as some whipped cream or chocolate body paint or covering each other head to toe in custard! If your are really keen you could set up a jelly filled kiddie pool in your lounge room and i'll come jelly wrestle with you or your wife or you could book one of my friends to join us as well!


Do you squirt?  
I can with enough patient company, or some good toys. But its more of a gush than a spray across the room. I can't guarantee this will happen in any given session - but we can give it our best shot.


Do you give or receive golden showers?  
Yes both - rates can be found in the deluxe extras. I receive neck down only and do not allow directly onto genitals. I give wherever you like however :)



Couples Service

We are a couple, can we have unprotected sex with each other, but protected with you?



Yes, I don't mind what you do amongst yourselves.


Will you clean out the lady orally after?  
Yes, if Full Natural French was added to the service. Its all much the same to me wherever it comes from. I am also up for snowballing/cum swapping if you are!

Are you genuinely Bisexual ? Do you really get into it with the lady?



Yes I am genuinely Bisexual, and I very much enjoy the time I spend with ladies :)


We have never been with another lady before, or my wife/girlfriend has never been with another woman before is this a problem?  

Not at all. I am very friendly and understanding , we were all new at things once! I am patient and we can take things as slow as you want so you are comfortable. We can have some social drinks first, play strip poker, watch some porn, or play some adult or electronic board or card games to get things moving and calm the nerves.

You may find it better for a longer booking so you don't feel rushed. For ladies whose first time it is with other woman, I usually start with a relaxing therapeutic massage that gradually gets hotter and naughtier. The trick when your nervous is to get hornier than you are nervous and let the lust take over. Plenty of shy first timer women have ended up directing the show, saying what she wants to see who do to whom and in what way! I certainly don't mind being dominated by a horny woman and I have never heard her partner complain either.


My wife/girlfriend is bisexual but likes the idea of meeting a woman in a bar and her joining us rather than paying someone to just into our room, can I meet you first and discretely give you the envelope and then you seduce my wife in the bar or something?  

Sure thing, seduction role play is not a problem. I do recommend however that your partner does know the deal, even if she doesn't want to witness the business deal. If she doesn't know and for whatever reason doesn't take to the seduction attempts, is too nervous or just doesn't like me I can't necessarily help that.

I try my best but well you can't make people anything, and even if you could I wouldn't do anything against someone's will. If this was the case I would provide a partial refund dependent on how much time we have spent and my travel costs. Basically don't lie to your partner, make the decision to hire my services together, and agree to the seduction, more natural role play. It is a role play, not a way to trick someone you care about, you should always be honest in relationships - secrets can damage them.


If I don't want to be physically involved, just watch you with my girlfriend/ wife do we still have to pay the couple rate?  
Yes, if there is 2 people in the room, its a 2 person service -even if one is just watching the show and "entertaining" themselves. Also for practicality the no touch plan usually never works and I don't want to have to spoil the mood by bringing up business at that moment when you partner decides she want you involved too.


We have our own toys, can we use them too?  
Absolutely. But for health reason's all toys used on me must be covered in condoms.


We are an older couple is that a problem?  
None whatsoever. As long as you are clean, healthy and not too likely to have a heart attack during the session (joking but serious none the less) I have no qualms about age difference and I am yet to find someone I can't find something attractive about. Be friendly and we'll have a great time together.


We are a bi male couple will you still see us and be fine with us interacting as well?  
Yes of course. I'm comfortable with you being interactive amongst yourselves as long as there is still a spot for me to join in too!



Health, Security and Drugs

Are you clean and drug free?  
Yes, I am screened for STI's regularly, blood, and swabs including throat swabs. I don't indulge in any substance I cant get in a chemist, or the grocery store.


What information do you need for me to make a booking?  
For incalls I require a name and a mobile number.

Hotels require name, room number, hotel name,address and mobile number - I will check the name with reception.

Home visits, require full name,address as well as landline number and to be listed in whitepages. If not, I require name and mobile number as well as address - I will do an ID check on arrival and phone the confirmed information to my security driver who waits for me during the booking.


What do you do with my information?  
For incalls, I may save your number to my phone incase you call me again, I also keep track of what booking I have done to reward my regular clients with the 4 visit bonus.

Outcalls the information is given to my security driver who retains it only whilst I am in the booking.

I never contact clients unless I have been asked to do so at a specific time, I am confirming a booking or chasing a cancellation fee.


Do you party?  
No, but you are welcome to.






I live quite a distance from the city or your Central Coast location- will you still visit me?  

Yes, but I may charge extra for travel.




Do you travel interstate?  

Yes i tour and will well publicise when I am. It will be in my news, on my tour page, on my MSN note and on FunInAustralia. I am also available for overnight interstate bookings bookings with enough notice, a deposit and paid return airfare.



Will you travel with me?  
Yes, please phone to arrange details. Sufficient notice in advance required. I do not travel internationally with client I do not know extremely well.



About you

I'm well hung, is it an issue?  

Not vaginally if you can be a little gentle at first, anally it can be a width issue, I don't want to be damaged.



Are you particular on the age/look/nationality of your clients?



I am happy to see anyone provided they are clean and respectful.


Can I send you pictures of my genitals/ I just sent you a picture of my genitals aren't you so impressed?



Don't send me genital picture, of yours or otherwise. I don't offer an appraisals service, I am not very impressed, and it's kinda rude exposing yourself to a stanger without asking them first. Also I find virtually shoving your cock in my face, kinda rude, and I'm likely to think less of you for it.

This might seem odd, but I generally don't care much for the look of gentials. If you are lucky they should be the least attractive thing about you. I'd much rather see your face. To me genitals are the tools I use through which I can provide joy and pleasure. Why look at the car keys, when you want to drive the whole car? Why would I be interested in the pen, I am interested in what you can write with it. Please note this does not mean send me a video of you wanking either.


I am new to call girls, or to sex at all, will you show me the way?
Absolutely. I'm friendly and open and I love to help people experience new things. We were all new once! I'm happy to impart my sexual wisdom and teach you all the tricks I know too :)


I am in a wheelchair, will you still see me?  

Absolutely, however my incall apartments are not wheelchair accessible. I would need to see you in a hotel or at your home. I'd rather see you at your home however, as you will have all the necessary equipment for your mobility.



I am an amputee, or I have a colostomy bag, or other medical condition, will you still see me?  
I am happy to see anyone with varying medical conditions, and it does not phase me at all - we are all people. Provided your medical condition does not increase my health risk, I do not mind at all :)