Geekish Justification of using
Web Interfacing Technologies (WIT*)

I like frames, zillions don't and that's fine, this is MY website. Actually I had planned to do it all in CSS but it would be difficult to keep track of where people were on the "Melanie Device", it would stop the video they were watching and make all the set cool green metal graphics I did disappear momentarily whilst everything reloaded. The IFRAME is used for the device screen as its just easier to target stuff that way. Don't like frames at all and want to miss out on all the cooooool content of the "Melanie Device" visit my site from instead.

Rollover images for links are pretty :) I like buttons to light up and the lights to turn on when the "Melanie Device" is used. Best way to keep track of the "channels" on the "Melanie Device" and use a single next channel type button. Javascript is also used to keep header, side image, and menu showing when people turn up on the site not through the original frameset. Elements kept in place with CSS.

Videos that start playing automatically, don't show controls,don't have less common plugins and show seamlessly within other elements are too difficult any other way. Plus its only used for non-essential content.

To make it easier for me to keep adding new content and having it publicised on the main page of my website without me having to do it all manually. Also used for the gallery to allow nifty ordering and filtering of images.

New windows
Used for non essential parts of my website, extra large picture views, picture pages in blog and crap like this page. Also used for external links so that viewers don't leave my page until they are good and ready.


*WIT- used with permission. © Copyright Teaser (FIA)